18 October 2005

Sharon Needs...

10. Sharon needs more time to work.
9. Sharon needs to create a new special unit to implement this dirty work.
8. Sharon needs an excuse to organize.
7. Sharon needs to be on a regular fertalizer schedule.
6. Sharon needs to see the big picture.
5. Sharon needs to formulate a new course of action.
4. Sharon needs to be more forceful.
3. Sharon needs to do something simple that would have a profound meaning worldwide.
2. Sharon needs help
1. Sharon needs all the help (s)he can get.

I have seen this on several blogs I read. All you do is go to www.google.com and put (your name) needs in the searcch box. See what you can come up with :)

17 October 2005

I AM still alive!!

I promise I haven't forgotten about all of you :) I have been so busy with everything.

My classes are going well, just a lot of work now that we are more than halfway through the semester. We went to Orlando a couple weekends ago, we visited Sea World and the Science Center again, lots of fun. I didn't take a lot of pics because we just did this in July, I do have a couple that I will post soon. I started a Mary Kay business, Becka got me into it and I really am loving the opportunity. And then we got a surprise visit from Daddy!! We also celebrated Aida's birthday this weekend.

I guess that kinda sums up the past few weeks.

I will try to post more in the next days and get those pics up soon :)