29 September 2005

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28 September 2005

I did something really stupid yesterday...

See my poor car?!?!? That's right folks, the rear bumper is completly gone! It's really stupid because it was my fault. I was backing out of a parking space at the Lowe's/Target parking lot, and I didn't see a pickup coming into the parking aisle. Granted he was turning pretty quickly into the lot, but I should have seen him! The truck has a dent on the left rear quarter panel, and I have no bumper.

In my 10 years of driving, I have NEVER had an accident or even a ticket. This really sucks, for lack of a better word. Thankfully, this was minor and noone was hurt, our insurance will cover the damages to both cars, no police report was filed, so no tickets were given, etc.. but it really ruined my afternoon!

Today is a better day, Elisabeth has her Girl Scout Pinning ceremony tonight. Rebekah is practicing oboe with the choir for the anthem on Sunday, I am signing the same piece. She is reading French scripture and I am signing the scripture. I am very excited about participating in worship for World Communion Sunday.

Tomorrow, Rebekah has her Mary Kay debut, I hope it is a success for her.

I haven't gotten much knitting done these past few days. I am still plugging away on my Amble socks, I think I will finish the first one and then start on the next sock for the six sox knit along, maybe I'll get those done in time for the drawing at the end of the month. I started on a lace scarf in that pretty turquoise yarn I posted about a while back, I've gotten 2 rows done. I'm making up my own pattern for this, well I found a lace pattern I like and I'm just doing it in a scarf size, it should be really pretty. I will post a picture when some more is complete and the pattern is visible.

Well gotta go.

23 September 2005

Katrina Pics

Last week Mitch's friend Bernie went with his wife to Biloxi, MS. They took with them a trailor full of donations collected by family and friends, for the storm victims there. We sent along some clothes and some toys the kids helped to pick.

I was originally going to choose a few pictures to share here, but Bernie sent over 600 pictures of their trip. It is impossible to choose only a few to tell the story, so I am placing the link to his online photo album here on my blog. You need to sing in to create a free account in order to view the pictures. Plan to look at the pictures when you have plenty of time, they are simply amazing.

Pictures from Biloxi, MS.

More pics

Well I didn't get these posted when I said I would. But these are some pics from Elisabeth's party.
The kids started off by painting figurines, they were little bugs, very cute.

Then they decorated goodie bags and tried to break a pinata.

Then we had cake and popsicles and then went inside for presents.
The kids had a great time!

I was glad Rebekah and Dustin were able to come to the party!

I have also been working on my Amble socks, after the 4th start I finally have them fitting correctly, and I really like the pattern.

I have also been working on my "Gator" socks, I found this yarn that has among its colors orange and blue!

And finally a picture of the Opal Tiger yarn I received, this will become a pair of socks for Joseph, my tiger nut, I think I will also be able to get a pair of mittins out of it for him.

19 September 2005

Finally Some Birthday Pictures!

OK, I realize it has been forever since I have posted anything and now I am going to post a ton of pictures. These are all pics from Steve and Aida's camers. I was a bad mom and didn't take any of my own, ok I was a little busy too :)

We all had a great time. It has taken me all week to recover though.
I start with all of us at dinner at Newberry Backyard BBQ for Mitch's b-day. It only took them over an hour to seat us, we were a party of 14! We had quite a feast though!

Adam and Ysette got in late, so they had their BBQ at Steve and Aida's...

...before we got to the wonderful spread Aida had for Mitch :) Three kinds of cake, cookies, chocolates, yummy! Mitch needed help from the kids to blow out his candles ;)

I also have a bunch of pics from Elisabeth's party, but it is late and I really need to go to bed, so I will post them tomorrow.

08 September 2005

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!!

Today is Elisabeth's 7th birthday! She woke up at the leisurely time of 8:30, opened 2 presents, one from me (her heart socks on the right) and one from Moma and Papa (that first picture is Elisabeth working on the butterflies from them), got dressed and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then we went to Target and picked up a birthday present for Mitch. All in all a good morning.

Our new sitter Tiffany will be here at 1:00, so I can go to class, I have a quiz today (yuck!).
Elisabeth requested corned beef brisket for her birthday dinner, yummy!

Tomorrow is our first day of homeschool co-op for the year, I guess I better plan my lesson to teach tomorrow!

Joseph had to get in on the glitter paint action!

02 September 2005


OK I am supposed to be studying my Latin vocabulary, but I needed a break for a few minutes.

This is a picture of Elisabeth's knitting needles. We made them last night, and she started her first knitting. I think she is going to get the hang of it quickly as long as she doesn't get too frustrated. Notice the needles have little doggies on the ends, those are beads we glued onto the ends of dowels and we sharpened the other ends to a point with a pencil sharpener, Elisabeth actually did most of the project.

Here are the kids this morning, cleaning out Elisabeth's closet. Notice Joseph's shirt is on backwards, he likes to dress himself and he always puts his clothes on backwards intentionally!

I also bought some yarn from someone on the socknitters group. She was getting rid of some Opal Rainforest Yarn, which normally sells for $15-16 a ball, plus shipping. She sold it for $12 a ball. Since Joseph has been adament about wanting the Tiger socks (tigers are his favorite animals these days), I couldn't pass it up! I know, it is my weakness. But that is 1 Christmas present taken care of!

OK procrastination finished, I need to learn these Latin words for a quiz today!

01 September 2005

Sitters, sickness and school

Mitch put an ad in the paper on Monday to look for a replacement sitter for the kids. We have gotten several calls, so we will be spending the weekend interviewing candidates. We have several good possibilities.

Joseph was sick last week and now Mitch has the same cold, they have both been miserable. On top of the cold Mitch has been working 12 hour days for the past week and a half, because of the start of the semester. Thank goodness we have a long weekend coming up!

My classes have been going well. Already I have so much work, and we just finished the first week of classes! But I knew there would be a dramatic difference between the work load of the gen. ed. classes I was taking at Santa Fe and the classes at UF which are for my major.

Elisabeth had her first Brownie Girl Scout meeting last night. She had such a good time! This troop is very active and already has sleepovers and camping trips planned. I think it will be good for her.

She has been really good with Maisey. Here she is petting her. Elisabeth constantly wants to give Maisey her toys and treats. Sometimes its too much love!

The picture at the top is the first completed sock of Elisabeth's birthday socks. I am almost done with the leg portion of the second sock. I should have it completed this weekend, then I can wash them and surprise Elisabeth with the socks on her b-day. She thinks the socks are for me or Becka, she keeps asking me to make a pair like them for her.

Well gotta go for now.