25 August 2009

A bump in the road...

So, after a week in beautiful southern Indiana, I am back in Gainesville with my three kids. We have hit a bump in the road that needs to be navigated. More court time is in our future.

I will not say any more at this point in the process. I only ask for continued prayers for everyone involved in this situation...especially the kids.

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at him or her." - David Brinkley, TV newscaster

01 August 2009

We're moving!

The honorable judge rendered his decision on Thursday afternoon and I received an ecstatic phone call from my attorney, on her mommy day off, shortly after.

I have permission to relocate to Mt. Vernon, Indiana, to the home of my parents...with my three children! Simply amazing!

Moving day is set for August 9th, the kids start school August 11th and I start August 31st.

More to come in the next few days :)