28 November 2005

Countdown time!

Today I am finishing up one of my final 3 papers for my classes. I have one due next Monday and one due next Friday after classes end. I have 2 finals to prepare for after classes end and another test to prepare for the last day of French lit class. The last day of classes is December 7th, my finals are the following week, one on Tuesday (I think) and one on Friday. I can't believe how quickly this semester has flown by!

I am all set for next semester. Classes start January 9th, so I will have a nice break for the holidays.

Well it is thundering and lightning outside right now. I should probably get off the computer. Time to get the kids breakfast anyhow.

I will post some pictures from Thanksgiving later this week.

24 November 2005


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. We have much to be thankful for:
We are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, we have 2 beautiful children, and we have a wonderful future ahead of us :)

I am touched each time I see a news story about a Hurricane Katrina victim, someone who just a couple of months ago had nothing and through the kindness of strangers and the grace of God is able to move on and be thankful for what they do have today. Makes you realize that we are really not in need of anything.

We will be going over to Steve and Aida's for dinner late afternoon. Becka is coming when she gets off work but Dustin has to work a double shift :(

I am making my yummy Apple Caramel Pie, Cran-Raspberry Sauce and yeast rolls; Becka is making the Pumpkin Pie and Aida is doing the rest.

Since it is also Joseph's birthday today we will have a birthday cake for dessert also! I can't believe my baby is 4 years old already.

Have a Happy Day!!!

19 November 2005

Recent knitting...

I guess this is good, I'm posting twice in one week:)

Here are some pictures of the little bit of knitting I have gotten done these past few months.

First the first Amble sock finished. I haven't started on the second one yet, too many other things that I need to finish up first. I can't wait to get back to this one. If you notice the stitch pattern goes all the way down the heel. This sock is modeling on my flowering tarragon.

Second is the Mosaic sock, I have started on the heel of the first sock. Mosaic is modeling on one of my new rose bushes, well the roses were new this September.

More later :)

17 November 2005

It's crunch time!

The semester is nearing an end and everything becomes frantic. With 2 weeks left, I have 2 major compositions for my French Lit and Writing in French classes. I have 3 finals (I guess it's good to only have finals in 2 of 4 classes) to prepare for. And Thanksgiving, Joseph's birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah all arriving before we know it :)

Yesterday was a long day for me, I went on campus early to meet with departmental advisors. I met with an advisor in the Eudcation department to discuss the Pathways to Teaching Education minor which will allow me to obtain a temporary FL teaching certificate, important if I am unable to start my graduate work right away, at least then I could get a job. Then after classes I met with the French advisor to map out the courses I have remaining for my degree, the good news is that it's not a lot. And she said she heard I'm very good in French :) (I'm assuming from one of my profs). So I know what classes I need to take for the next year and a half, my life is mapped out for that time! I registered for classes for spring. Now that's done I can focus on finishing this semester and then the holidays.

With all going on and trying to keep up with Elisabeth's school work, I haven't had much relaxing time. I have yet to start on Joseph's tiger socks. Or finish the pairs that I have already started. I did finish the lace scarf which was a birthday present for Aida. This is a close up of the stitch pattern. And the scarf laid out blocking.

The other pictures are the kids at the Orlando Science Center about a month ago.