10 May 2007

I graduated!

Here are some pictures from graduation on Sunday. I just have 2 classes I need to finish by June 22nd, things got kinda interrupted with Margaret's birth.
I'm the 2nd person behind the one fixing her cap. And the girls to my left and right where the only other students that walked as French majors.
Shaking Bernie Machen's hand, president of UF.
The whole family...plus dad
And this is what Margaret did during the entire commencement...
And Elisabeth...
And some other pictures, Margaret 5/8/07
Margaret in the sweater I designed and made for her, 5/9, still has some growing room.
Big brother Joseph and Margaret, 5/9

03 May 2007

She's growing...

Margaret had her 2nd doctor's appointment yesterday...she gained 10oz. last week and is now a whopping 5lbs 10oz, almost as much as her big brother weighed when he was born! And now our little one is 1 month old!

Here are some pictures from yesterday and the day before...

Sitting in Boppy, 5/1/07

Sleeping on Mommy's lap, 5/2/07