30 June 2005


Well I finished my humanities class with an A, pretty good for a class that the GPA doesn't matter. Yesterday I started my last class at Santa Fe, ASL II (Sign Language). This is the first class in a classroom that I have taken in almost 7 years! The class was fun but a lot of info in a couple hours!

I am all registered for my classes in the fall at UF. Two French classes, Latin and Nutrition. We ordered and received all of the kids books for their homeschooling for fall. One bookshelf full for Elisabeth and half a bookshelf for Joseph. I'm getting excited about fall!

Nothing much else has happened here. I posted the pics of whats going on.

Baby Blanket #2

I've only got a couple inches of this blanket finished. Jason and Kendall's baby is due end of August. I might have to put the socks on hold for a little while to get this done.

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our anniversay on June 19th.

kids and grandpa


Blueberry Picking

Can you see Joseph?


Here we are at Adam and Dana Silbersweig's wedding. We had a lot of fun. Mitch's mom watched the kids so we could enjoy ourselves.

Baby Blanket Finished

Given to Mike and Amber Bentolila for their new baby due any day now!

Sock Progress

After finishing the baby blanket, I frogged (ripped out) the Summer Solstice sock, I just wasn't happy with the progress of it. I have continued on the others as you can see they are coming along nicely. From left to right: Blueberry Waffle Sock for Joseph, Ahoy Sock for me, and Toe to Toe Sock for Elisabeth.

16 June 2005

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we took our new car over to Chevy to have the speaker replaced, thankfully the job only took a half hour...a half hour to work on socks! After that we went over to Walmart and picked up some Father's Day cardsand a gift, some veggie plants (I know it is late in the season, but the kids don't care), and some flower seeds.

I finished my Humanities paper yesterday and turned it in. I only have my exam left in that class, yeah!!!

We had another great day today, despite the fact that the kids did not nap. We spent all morning outside, planting seeds and swimming in the pool. I let Elisabeth complete her school work after rest time today, and she did all of her work without complaining.

I didn't get any knitting done today, only repairing dropped stitches on Joseph's Blueberry Waffle sock. One of the needles fell out when I had it in my purse yesterday at the auto mechanic. I have to put the socks on hold, I've got to spend time tomorrow working on the baby blanket.

14 June 2005

A Great Day

Kids feeding ducks.

The movie theatres here show kids' movies for free during the summer, so of course we took advantage of that today...it is so hot here now. We saw Clifford's Really BIG Movie. The kids really enjoyed it and were very well behaved, however an hour and a half of Clifford is really more than I can stand. We came home and I sent the kids outside before lunch and they got a chance to feed those ducks out behind our fence.

I got some more knitting done on the Toe to Toe sock, that one is for my daughter, Elisabeth, made with the yarn she dyed. I worked a little on the first baby blanket, I can't seem to knit the blankets as fast as I can knit the socks. I do have deadlines on the blankets though, the first one needs to be done by June 24th...I have a lot of work to do!!

I worked a little on my paper due for my Humanities class I'm in right now...but I keep finding ways to procrastinate. I'll have to finish the paper tomorrow and turn it in. Then only one more exam and that class is finished. I have one more class this summer and I will be finished with my AA!!!!

I'm working on reviewing French grammar in order to be ready for my classes this fall. It has been so long since I have had to write any French.

I have kept Elisabeth on a very relaxed homeschooling schedule this summer. I don't want to have to spend time reviewing in the fall. Plus it is so hot during the summer, the kids do not want to spend much time outside, and when inside all they want to do is watch TV, so what better way to keep them occupied than to educate them a little!

13 June 2005

These are some ducks that hang out by our back fence.

This Little Pinky from Learn to Knit Socks in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino...very soft!

Rainy Day from The Sock Calendar...in Jawoll Jacquard.

Another finished pair of socks...Sock Therapy from The Sock Calendar...in Regia 4 ply.

Baby blanket #1...I'll post a pic of the second blanket soon.

wip #4 The very beginning of Ahoy from The Sock Calendar...

wip #3 Summer Solstice from The Sock Calendar...done in Knitpicks Dancing, color Swing...

wip #2 Toe to Toe from the Learn to Knit Socks book...also in handdyed yarn...

wip #1 Blueberry Waffle sock done in handdyed yarn.

Here is the finished yarn...the colors are brighter than on the pic...

After microwaving...

And working on the yarn...

The kids recently dyed some sock yarn, here they are getting ready...

I also love to sew for my daughter's American Girls Dolls, this dress matches my daughter's Christmas dress.

My new found project, quilting. This is my first quilt block...I still need to finish it, it will become a pillow.

My second pair, done in Moda Dea Sassy Stripes.

This was my very first pair of socks. A basic pattern with a simple seed stitch.

A Little About Me...

I am a 26 year old wife, mother, student, teacher..... My kids are 6 and 3. I am currently fininshing up my AA degree at Santa Fe Community College and will start at University of Florida with a major in French in the Fall. When I'm not busy teaching my kids with Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum or studying for my classes, I spend my time knitting. My favorite thing to knit is socks. I will post pics of my first pairs and current works in progress (wips).

My 2 kids at Christmas.