16 June 2005

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we took our new car over to Chevy to have the speaker replaced, thankfully the job only took a half hour...a half hour to work on socks! After that we went over to Walmart and picked up some Father's Day cardsand a gift, some veggie plants (I know it is late in the season, but the kids don't care), and some flower seeds.

I finished my Humanities paper yesterday and turned it in. I only have my exam left in that class, yeah!!!

We had another great day today, despite the fact that the kids did not nap. We spent all morning outside, planting seeds and swimming in the pool. I let Elisabeth complete her school work after rest time today, and she did all of her work without complaining.

I didn't get any knitting done today, only repairing dropped stitches on Joseph's Blueberry Waffle sock. One of the needles fell out when I had it in my purse yesterday at the auto mechanic. I have to put the socks on hold, I've got to spend time tomorrow working on the baby blanket.

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