10 February 2006

Counting down to Casting on

Well, I'm all set for the Olympics...and the Knitting Olympics too! This is a picture of what I will be working on.

I decided to join team DPN, since I will be knitting a pair of socks on DPN (double pointed needles). I showed the picture of the socks I am knitting to Rebekah and the first thing she noticed was the map of Paris as the background to the photo...leave it to her :)

I will be casting on for these socks at 2pm local time, right between my two classes today. And I will have an hour of uniterrupted knitting time.

I am so excited that Mom will be here tonight!! So I should really go and start picking up some.

Hopefully I will post later today my progress on my Olympic socks.

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Sharon in Ireland said...

Hello Sharon,

My name is also Sharon and I am knitting my first pair of socks for the Knitting Olympics and I saw from the list that you were doing the same so I thought I'd say hello. You can check out my progress on clicketyknits.blogspot.com. How are you getting on?