15 October 2006

I really am a bad blogger...

I have had news to update for a while, I just haven't sat down to do it yet. I also have pictures, but I need to find batteries for the camera, so those will have to wait.

Well, classes are going well...it's hard to believe the semester is already halfway over. I get to register for spring semester at the end of this month, my last semester of undergrad! Time flies! Elisabeth is doing wonderfully in school, her grades are improving on her math and science tests and we're all getting used to the schedule of things. She gets her first report card later this month, they are on a 9 weeks schedule. Joseph loves Baby Gator, his teachers are great and his little group of buddies is so cute.

I started working about 13 hours a week at Hillel (the Jewish student center). I'm working reception, answering phones and opening the door, not terribly demanding and I even get down time to work on homework or read (or knit).

In other news...we are expecting our third child. My due date is May 23rd. We are very excited and so are the kids. Joseph began telling everyone he knew as soon as we told him. Elisabeth hasn't had a very strong reaction, so it is hard to tell how she feels.

I have been feeling pretty good, except for the morning sickness that hit me this week, and that is fine as long as I eat some crackers before I get out of bed, and eat pretty much every two hours during the day. My clothes are already starting to get tight (I've gained 5 pounds, pretty good for 8 weeks).

So that's the last few months of our lives in a nutshell :) I promise pictures next time.

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