15 December 2006


Yeay!!! I turned in my last papers this afternoon! This semester is over and I have a 2 1/2 week break. Next semester is my last undergrad semester, graduation in May!

Looking forward to Mom, Dad and Ben being here and just relaxing.

Oh and we have our sonogram scheduled for December 27th. For a late Christmas present we'll get to see our new little one, and maybe find out what it is!

Mitch and I are going to his company holiday party for a little while tonight, lots of good food, and good drink (which I can't have any of this year :( )

I have a knitting picture to post. My very first knitting for the new baby:

Joseph took this picture of me knitting the other day when he was playing with the camera:

Not bad for a little guy :)

And here is Elisabeth at her Nutcracker show at school:

She's the one looking at the camera in the pink.

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