28 August 2007

Recap: August

Oh my, how time flies! It's hard to believe that August is ending, Margaret is nearly 5 months old, Elisabeth is almost 9, school has started, life comes at you fast (to quote Nationwide Insurance). So much has happened this month and we have been so incredibly busy, that I have not had a moment to think long enough to compose a blog posting. I have been trying to keep up with reading everyone, but frankly that has suffered too.

So, let's see, we left of with my brother here...we had a wonderful time with Ben. We all (as in the 5 of us and my sister, Becka, and boyfriend, Dustin, and Ben met us at the hotel later that night) drove to Merritt Island to my cousin's wedding over the weekend. This trip was much nicer than the last one, Margaret did really well, the weekend was pretty much stress-free. We went to the beach and as you can see, Margaret pooped out on us. My cousin's wedding was in the afternoon, so after going back to the hotel to clean up, we all piled into our van and drove to the church. We finally got a nice picture of the five of us, as well as a great picture of Becka, Ben and me. The wedding was really nice and it was great to see most of the cousins again, as well as cousin's kids, our family is growing so wonderfully.

I took Ben and the kids to one of our favorite places in Gainesville, the butterfly rainforest at the museum of natural history.
Later in the week we dropped Ben off at the airport and he headed back to Indiana before going back to France for the semester.

Then the craziness began. Margaret started daycare on the 13th. But then we decided to have one last hoorah before my orientation started that Thursday. So we drove down to Orlando to visit Epcot center with friends of ours. We had a blast! We had never done Epcot with the kids and I'm glad we did this month. Elisabeth and Joseph both loved the "Journey into Imagination" ride, with Figment as the star, this was my favorite ride when I was younger too :) They also both loved the World Showcase and really enjoyed "visiting" the different countries, it helped that they could make a mask and have it stamped in each country and that they could collect an imprinted penny from each country. For most of the day they got along really well, you might have even said they love each other.

OK since I started this post almost a week ago, I am going to publish it now. I will update more soon, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. (9/6)

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