11 May 2011

has it really been a year?!?

Wow! It's been more than a year since I've last blogged....a YEAR! That's a really long time in my world. Granted those of you who are connected to me through non-internet life and Facebook know what has gone on...if you've been paying attention ;)

It has been an amazing year of changes and growth....and still some waiting.

Today: Jason and I are living with mom & dad. We moved down here this January (on my birthday) so I could begin a new career with Aflac and he could hopefully find work. My career is going well...slowly building, but progressing...he has found work, but still looking for a long-term position.

We have found a wonderful church family here in Evansville. Jason is beginning to play on the worship team and we are both looking forward to the many ways we can become involved there. We are meeting people our age, couples with young kids and having their first babies. I've met a fellow knitter and my excitement about the craft has returned! I'm really looking forward to getting to know more and more people...this is what has truly enabled me to feel at home here.

The kids are still in Florida, they enjoy their time in Indiana more and more each time they are here. I still hold out hope that they will one day be allowed to live here with us. Jason and I take the monthly trips to see them together. It gets harder and harder to leave them each time. We are all counting down the day until summer break.

Tomorrow: We will continue to work and save for our own place. We will continue to pray for the well-being of the kids. We will continue to look to all the possibilities that life has in store for us.

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