09 January 2006

First day of classes...2nd semester

Well, I have been a lazy poster these past few weeks. My plans of everything that I was going to get done during my break kinda went out the window. Not to say all I did was sit around and veg...but that was part of it.

We did get the kids' rooms decluttered and organized. I succeeded in not adding any more laundry to the clean clothes pile, thanks to my decluttered laundry room, which has new shelves and a nice workspace on top of the washer and dryer now. We dedecorated last week so the house is not in total disarray.

I made a little progress on Joseph's socks and I pulled out one of my unfinished cross-stitch projects. I have resolved to finish up all my ufos (unfinished objects) before starting on new projects (except gift items), that includes knitting and cross-stitch projects, doll clothes I will start because they can be cut out one evening and sewn the next in a short time, they are almost instant gratification. That said, I did pull out the doll clothes pattern book and cut out several outfits last night, to be sewn when I have the chance this week.

And today my classes start again! I am taking this semester: French Grammar and Composition (this is the class that comes before the French writing course I took last semester), French Corrective Phonics (a 2 credit language lab), Modern French Poetry (this is the same professor as my French writing course last semester, a true French teacher, she expect no less than your best, many students will avoid her classes, but I think she is a wonderful teacher), Man's Food (a nutrition course to fulfill my last biology requirement, online class) and Adolescence (my first class toward my secondary education minor).

My class schedule is not bad, MWF I have class from 12:50 to 3:50, with an hour break between classes and TR I have class from 9:35 to 1:40 with an hour break on Tuesday and a 2 hour break on Thursday. My knitting goes on campus with me, so I should be able to finish Joseph's socks this week and make some progress on the other 2 pairs I have started for myself.

Mitch and I got up early this morning, he has lots of deliveries to make this week, being the first week of class, this is the busiest time of year for the company. After "rush" he will go to only commercial sales, he has found it too difficult to do the on-campus course pack sales and successfully add to his commercial business.

Well, I need to push the kids out of bed, I've been trying to wake them for the last half hour. Joseph got up and climbed into my bed, but he won't move from there. Elisabeth hasn't even rolled over :)

More updates later.

Have a Great Day!

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