10 June 2006

Oh my...I've become a very bad blogger

I knew I hadn't posted in a while...but I didn't realize it had been this long...Sorry Carole :)

So life is moving along. I finished my spring semester with 5 A's...including an A from Mme. Cailler...never thought that would happen. I'm in the middle of Summer A, my first summer semester, only 1 class for this 6 weeks, Elementary and Secondary Curriculum...it has been a good class, 2 evenings a week, primarily discussion, choice of take home long answer final or 2000 word research paper. In July, for Summer B, I will be in class every morning, taking German and Francophone Cultures.

We have Elisabeth signed up for Summer Adventure camp through the YMCA, starting in July. She should have a lot of fun. We will sign Joseph up for Swim & Gym camp at the Y. Elisabeth will be a Norton Elementary in the fall, 3rd grade, with me having to take 15 credits in fall and spring there was no way possible to continue homeschooling them. Very hard for me but she will be fine.

We had a wonderful vacation in California. We drove through the mountains around LA and stopped by Malibu Beach, went to the San Diego Zoo (which was fabulous!), Visited Balboa Park in San Diego and went to the Children's Science Center there, and went to Legoland. The whole time we were there the temperature never got above 75 degrees and it never rained...it was perfect, except for the fog/smog that was around every day.

We took so many pictures, about 400, that I can only put a small sampling here.

Well, we are off to a great start to Hurricane season 2006. Tropical Depression #1 in currently gaining strength in the Caribbean...forcast to be Tropical Storm Alberto by this evening and head straight toward us. But this would actually be the best case scenario...we need the rain so desperately that this rain would be welcome.

Well I'm off to work on knitting my cardigan.

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