21 June 2006

Summer A finished!!

Well, tonight was the last class of my summer course on curriculum. All in all it was a really enjoyable course. The only downside is that I really have no idea what final grade I'll receive, we turned in our one writing assignment today and the only other grades we will receive are for annotated citatations that were due each week and a group presentation we did tonight.

So now I have a week and a half off until summer b starts. I will be enjoying this week with the kids. Elisabeth said in response to my class ending...good now we can go swimming because you don't have homework to do in the morning :) We cleaned and set up our pool this past weekend and it has been nice to use it this week. The kids are getting to be much better in the water.

I finally finished knitting my cardigan that I started right before our California trip, now it just needs buttons, I may go to Jo-anns this weekend and see what I can find. I will post pictures of my most recent knitting projects sometime this week.

Later :)

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