13 September 2007

To quickly finish my update....

Margaret started daycare August 13th, then we went away for 2 days to Orlando. We met up with some friends and went to Epcot center. Then Elisabeth and Joseph started school on the 20th and I started classes that Thursday. I am teaching one beginning French and taking 4 classes (9 credit hours, so really like 3 classes). Mitch is in a transition time with work right now, it's a really long story I won't go into right now, but send prayers/good thoughts his way. He also started taking classes with the local community college, working toward a Networking Tech degree and certifications.

Joseph is loving Kindergarten. Elisabeth is enjoying school but already struggling, so Mitch and I will schedule an appointment with her teacher for next week. My classes are going well, just a lot of work. I am really loving my teaching, I have a class of 25, they are mostly motivated and class is fun and challenging for them (at least I hope!)

With so much to do, I haven't had very much time to knit at all :( I did get my invite to Ravelry about a month ago and I have had fun browsing the community; I'm slbayer if you would like to find me.

So, that's our life in a nutshell. I hope to try to post a little more often again. I may just pick a weekly time to blog and try to stick to it.

Until then :)


mames said...

busy around your area. hope you keep us posted, i will send thoughts your husband;s way. smiles.

msrib said...

i finally got my invite 2 days ago.. i'll add you. i'm msrib. miss you!