05 October 2007

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another week is done...a week of classes and teaching and children's activities and new jobs. It has been a good week.

Mitch started a new job last week and so far it is going well. He has been able to organize his time a little better to get his school work done, much less stress chez nous.

Elisabeth is still plugging away in her classes, we have a meeting with the guidance counselor of her school to arrange accomodations for her to deal with some difficulties she is having in class.

Joseph still loves Kindergarten. He is reading and writing more and more each day. His new favorite thing to do is to write books, he draws pictures and sounds out the words he wants to write on each page, they are so cute!

Margaret is growing very well, she is 6 months old now, hard to believe. She tips the scales at 14lbs 12oz. She did not get her shots at her 6 month checkup on Tuesday because she has ear infections in both ears, but now she is on antibiotics and feels much better. She'll go back in a couple of weeks to have a recheck and get her shots, including the RSV vaccine.

My classes are going well. The class I'm teaching is great, I really enjoy each class I have with them. Most of them are willing to work hard and do well. The classes I'm taking are good, just A LOT of work. Two literature classes and a teaching methods class means a lot of reading. I will sit down with the graduate coordinator next week and make some decisions about my plan of study, I've decided I will go the route of French linguistics (instead of literature), so after this semester I should only have to take linguistics courses. Not that I don't enjoy French literature, but I am tired of analysing it, that's pretty much all I did in undergrad and I'm ready to study the language itself. My goal is to teach language and I think linguistics will be more beneficial for that anyway.

Well off to go get the kids and go home...but first a walk across campus to the car in the rain!

I will add some pictures later today. I've uploaded some to my Flickr account (in the sidebar).

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