13 June 2009

no more anonymous comments

When I reactivated my blog, I inadvertently left the ability for anonymous comments as active. I have corrected this oversight, and now anyone who wishes to comment to my blog must first register. In addition, I will now be moderating comments. If I do not recognize your user name and you do not identify yourself in the first line of your comment, not only will your comment not be posted, I will not read it either.

Therefore, if you wish to make comments such as the one to my previous post, you should have the decency and fortitude to identify yourself.


mames said...

hi sharon, glad to hear from you again. and yuck on that wing nut that left that weird ass comment. people can be such a terror on the internet. i am so happy that you have decided to return here, i blinked when i saw your blog pop up on my reader. it sounds like a tumultuous time but also that things are going towards a healthy and positive direction for you and the children. you have my thoughts and prayers. hard to believe that when we 'met' it was with preemies and worrying about weights. seems so long ago sometimes. hugs, amiee

Sharon said...

amiee, i'm so happy to hear from you!! since i decided to start writing again, i've been trying to play a little catch-up with the few blogs i used to read...i have really loved seeing the pictures of your boys, they are amazing and adorable. it is so hard to believe that not so long ago we were worrying about preemie stuff: feeding, growth and all that, and now we have perfect little ones running around our homes. i truly appreciate your prayers...this is a tough time for everyone involved. i look forward to keeping in touch again :)

Amy said...

hey! its nice to see you back on here! I saw on facebook you were blogging again! Much love-