25 July 2009


The deed is done and now we wait. My relocation trial occurred yesterday, a three hour trial that was extended to four and the attorneys didn't even have the opportunity to give closing arguments. The judge did not give his ruling at the close of the hearing, and so now we wait.

I cannot speculate as to what his decision will be and I will do myself an injustice in thinking it will swing one way or the other. I am confident that his decision will only take into account what is in the best interest of our children. I will accept his decision, no matter what it is, with grace and dignity and move forward in my life making the best of whatever this life will bring.

I only ask that you continue to pray for this situation. I do not ask for prayers for myself, for the answer that I want. I ask for prayers of wisdom for the judge as he makes his decision.

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Sharon said...

So, my days are apparently running together terribly...trial was actually on Thursday, not yesterday...it will really be like one very long day until that decision is rendered.