21 May 2013

diaper testers

Ok, here's the scoop on diapers...

I will be making the following types of diapers:
Fitteds made of 100% cotton with internal or quick dry soaker (require the use of a cover)
AIO  and AI2 with PUL outer layer and cotton or microfleece/suedecloth inner layer absorbent layers will be cotton or microfiber
Pockets PUL outer layer, microfleece/suedecloth inner layer, microfiber soaker
PUL wrap style covers
Swim diapers PUL with microfleece/suedecloth inner layer
All can be made with snap or aplix closure.

Sizes are as follows (i know these seem like really wide ranges, I will definitely need feed back on the fit of these size ranges)
Preemie/newborn: 5-13 lbs
Newborn: 7-16 lbs
Small: 11-25 lbs
Medium:15-35 lbs
Large: 23-40 lbs
Extra-large: 30-50 lbs

Tester prices will be as follows:
All diapers $10
Fitteds: $8
Covers and swim diapers:$5

Shipping is $6 priority mail

Send me a message if you are interested in testing with your preferred type of diaper and closure, and size. In exchange on an incredible deal on new diapers, I ask that you provide feedback on how the diapers work for you (please be honest and critical), I ask for pictures of the diapers in action (will not be published without your permission, I need to see how they fit on various sized children), I ask for you to post a review in my online store (either etsy or hyenacart) when I get it up and running and finally I ask for you to spread the word to everyone you know.

Once I receive your requests, I will send an invoice and after payment is received you can expect shipment in 2 weeks to 1 month's time (probably closer to 1 month). All tester diapers are made to order.

ETA:If you would like to order tester diapers......and I still need some more testers.....please send me some additional measurements along with your requested size. This will allow me to match the best fit to your child. See the following article for more information: http://www.diaperjunction.com/determining-cloth-diaper-size.html

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