14 June 2013

37 weeks and still pregnant

So here I am exactly 37 weeks pregnant. I never though I would make it this far this time. We've been counting on an early arrival of our little Abigail from the very beginning. After all her siblings all decided to come into this world earlier than planned: Elisabeth at 37 weeks, Joseph at 36 weeks, 6 days and Margaret surprised everyone and showed up at 32 weeks without warning. So, I figured that my body was just going to keep spitting out babies early, especially now that I'm in my mid-thirties.

I've been saying from the start of this pregnancy that she will be a Father's Day baby, that's in 2 days....we'll see. I have a repeat c-section scheduled for July 1st (that's the earliest it can be scheduled at our hospital), my doctor is convinced I won't make it that far....we shall see. At my appointment yesterday I was effaced about 90%, dilated about 1, she is still at a -2 station (although she has felt lower) and my cervix is still posterior.....but my doc still thinks she come sooner rather than later.

It's amazing what life changes can do for your health. This pregnancy has been amazing, other than being older and having more aches and pains because of that. I have the most amazing and supportive husband, my parents are close by and my kids are super excited about their baby sister.

So now we wait....we keep ourselves busy....and we wait for little Abigail to make her appearance.

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