17 November 2005

It's crunch time!

The semester is nearing an end and everything becomes frantic. With 2 weeks left, I have 2 major compositions for my French Lit and Writing in French classes. I have 3 finals (I guess it's good to only have finals in 2 of 4 classes) to prepare for. And Thanksgiving, Joseph's birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah all arriving before we know it :)

Yesterday was a long day for me, I went on campus early to meet with departmental advisors. I met with an advisor in the Eudcation department to discuss the Pathways to Teaching Education minor which will allow me to obtain a temporary FL teaching certificate, important if I am unable to start my graduate work right away, at least then I could get a job. Then after classes I met with the French advisor to map out the courses I have remaining for my degree, the good news is that it's not a lot. And she said she heard I'm very good in French :) (I'm assuming from one of my profs). So I know what classes I need to take for the next year and a half, my life is mapped out for that time! I registered for classes for spring. Now that's done I can focus on finishing this semester and then the holidays.

With all going on and trying to keep up with Elisabeth's school work, I haven't had much relaxing time. I have yet to start on Joseph's tiger socks. Or finish the pairs that I have already started. I did finish the lace scarf which was a birthday present for Aida. This is a close up of the stitch pattern. And the scarf laid out blocking.

The other pictures are the kids at the Orlando Science Center about a month ago.

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