19 November 2005

Recent knitting...

I guess this is good, I'm posting twice in one week:)

Here are some pictures of the little bit of knitting I have gotten done these past few months.

First the first Amble sock finished. I haven't started on the second one yet, too many other things that I need to finish up first. I can't wait to get back to this one. If you notice the stitch pattern goes all the way down the heel. This sock is modeling on my flowering tarragon.

Second is the Mosaic sock, I have started on the heel of the first sock. Mosaic is modeling on one of my new rose bushes, well the roses were new this September.

More later :)


Kristi said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for signing my Frappr map! Your Amble and Mosaic socks are gorgous!!

Sharon said...

Thanks Kristi, I have really enjoyed knitting them. And Amble is finally getting her mate, hopefully it will be finished within the next week :)