14 December 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

After seeing so many other bloggers post pictures of their holiday decorations, I thought I would too. First here is our tree, the kids did most of the decorating and insisted on putting every ornament as high as they could reach, so the bottom of the tree was neglected.

We then have our fireplace with stockings and advent wreath.

I love to decorate the piano for Christmas...Elisabeth has even been learning how to play some Christmas carols :)

Only in Florida could you have roses picked from the garden next to Christmas decorations!

We bought a pretty little potted tree that now decorates our passthrough.

I just love having all the decorations out!

The kids are getting excited about Christmas, Elisabeth made a calender at girl scouts to count down the days, you can see behind the stockings on the right, one candy cane a day until Christmas!

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