19 December 2005

It really feels like Christmas

Yesterday our church choir performed the Cantata. They performed A Canticle of Joy. It was beautiful and our choir director always goes all out and organizes a mini orchestra for the performance. Rebekah played oboe and english horn and Mitch sang.
It was so hard to get a picture of them. Becka is always behind a music stand :)

We had a yummy lunch together after church and then Becka took a couple of these boxes home to wrap...see what you have sent to us mom ?!?

Anyway it has been lots of fun guessing if we are going to get another package each day :)

I worked on these socks last night...they are for Joseph hopefully for Christmas.

And I've been working on my scarf, it is almost done!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and posting these pictures! I hope you enjoy what is inside the boxes! Happy wrapping!