28 July 2005

Finally some pictures!

I promised I would post some pictures from our Orlando trip and I am finally getting around to doing it.
Here is one of those rare moments the kids are actually loving! Walking around at the zoo in Orlando. I just love this picture!

They got to hold butterflies which they really enjoyed.

Here they are at Sea World.

This is the net they drug us on! We had to climb the net and then go through tubes to get out. The thing was about 3 stories high.

I have had a chance to finish other sock projects.

Here are the kids' socks, washed and worn already.

I finished one of my Ahoy socks, on the heel of the second.

I decided after frogging the Summer Solstice I would try a different pattern with that yarn, so here is the new sock, called Coolers, from the Sock Journal. There is a pattern stitch on the cuff, it is very difficult to see, but it is an open losange, very pretty.

I am very excited, I checked my graduation status on Santa Fe's web site and I am now elidgable to graduate!!!! Yeah, only 2 more weeks of class left and I will finally have my AA!!!!!


Aida Bayer said...

Congratulations on your achievement at Santa Fe. Awesome, Steve and I are very happy for you. Lots of Love
See you soon.

Lorri said...

Love all of the socks! I have a 3 yo that I have been thinking of knitting socks for. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

We love this blog thing!!!! The pictures are great. Are there more????? We are very proud of you AA accomplishment. We know it's been hard for you to do everything and still graduate. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

Speak to you soon, with much love Marcia & Jessica

mf said...

I love the name of your blog! Congrats what a nice break it must been for all you to head to Orlando for a quick getaway! My kiddos would've love to hold butterlies.... I went to college in Kissimee at Southern College many many years ago...
Love the socks! I shold have my little ones help me dye mine yarn.....
Thanks for the inspiration!