25 July 2005

Not a great day :(

Well, we started school for the kiddos today. Joseph really enjoyed his books and wanted me to keep reading when I had read what was scheduled. On the other hand, Elisabeth resisted everything! She spent almost an hour completing her seatwork, which was only her phonics workbook and a handwriting sample!! Needless, to say, we did not get everything done that I had planned. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

I am almost done with my class at SFCC. My final will be on August 11th. The only other thing I have left to do is to take the silly Computer Placement Exam. I am excited about fall! I have gotten my books for all but 1 of my classes.

Yesterday we went to Camp Kaluqua for Mitch's company picnic. We had a blast. We went swimming in the springs, the kids took poney rides and I went horseback riding.

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