31 July 2005

Newest Family Member

Here is a picture of our newest family member. We adopted her from a co-worker of Mitch's who couldn't keep her after realizing that she was never going to be home, between working fulltime and going to school.
She is a mixed-breed, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, as you can see, she looks more like a shepherd. She is going to be a big girl! She has the sweetest temperment, but is all puppy. She is 18 weeks old. She seems to be housebroken. We kept her yesterday and she sat by the door when she needed to go out! We need to work with her on not jumping, but that will come with time.
The kids were excellent with her. Elisabeth made me especially proud. Not once did she get over excited or start to squeal or scream. The puppy listens to the kids pretty well. We will be working on some training for the puppy and the kids over the next few weeks.
The puppy's current name is Porkchop, but I think we will change it. Elisabeth said yesterday she would name a girl dog Maisey, I think I like that name for her, we'll see.
As of this post, the kids do not know we are adopting her, she will come to live with us tonight.

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