23 September 2005

Katrina Pics

Last week Mitch's friend Bernie went with his wife to Biloxi, MS. They took with them a trailor full of donations collected by family and friends, for the storm victims there. We sent along some clothes and some toys the kids helped to pick.

I was originally going to choose a few pictures to share here, but Bernie sent over 600 pictures of their trip. It is impossible to choose only a few to tell the story, so I am placing the link to his online photo album here on my blog. You need to sing in to create a free account in order to view the pictures. Plan to look at the pictures when you have plenty of time, they are simply amazing.

Pictures from Biloxi, MS.


Andrea Rusin said...

I don't know the answer to your Chutes and Ladders question (from the six sox KAL) but I thought I'd pop in and see your blog. What a nice job! I was a graduate student and homeschooling two children, once upon a time. So, I totally KNOW what you're going through. And I hardly got any knitting done in that time. So good for you!

Sharon said...

Andrea, thanks for your compliments and empathetic words :) I've gotten good at fitting my knitting into the smallest bits of time, otherwise my to-do list would simply overwhelm me!