02 September 2005


OK I am supposed to be studying my Latin vocabulary, but I needed a break for a few minutes.

This is a picture of Elisabeth's knitting needles. We made them last night, and she started her first knitting. I think she is going to get the hang of it quickly as long as she doesn't get too frustrated. Notice the needles have little doggies on the ends, those are beads we glued onto the ends of dowels and we sharpened the other ends to a point with a pencil sharpener, Elisabeth actually did most of the project.

Here are the kids this morning, cleaning out Elisabeth's closet. Notice Joseph's shirt is on backwards, he likes to dress himself and he always puts his clothes on backwards intentionally!

I also bought some yarn from someone on the socknitters group. She was getting rid of some Opal Rainforest Yarn, which normally sells for $15-16 a ball, plus shipping. She sold it for $12 a ball. Since Joseph has been adament about wanting the Tiger socks (tigers are his favorite animals these days), I couldn't pass it up! I know, it is my weakness. But that is 1 Christmas present taken care of!

OK procrastination finished, I need to learn these Latin words for a quiz today!

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