04 August 2005

Of Puppies, Water and Yarn

Life with Maisey has been good so far this week. Elisabeth is very much into helping out to teach her tricks. First she needs to learn not to jump and nibble, but I'm not complaining that Elisabeth is interested. Joseph is still unsure around her because she is so excited. She has calmed down a lot since we have gotten her though.

The kids have been in swimming lessons this week. Elisabeth was refusing to put her head under water, she has always hated having water on her face. But she did it yesterday!! I was so happy! She has really made me proud with all of these things she has tried lately :) Joseph still is not going under willingly, but he seemed pretty interested that Elisabeth did it and liked it, so maybe he will now.

I have one more week of class at SFCC. My professor decided that he wanted us to finish the course early, so our final will be on Monday or Tuesday instead of Thursday next week, yeah!

Last week I got the kids school desks from the school board surplus sale. We decided to give our old fouton to the youth at our church. So now we are waiting for them to pick up the fouton, then I can work on setting up/cleaning/rearranging the school/play room. I'm hoping to get it set up into a really fun and functional room this year. I think we are going to have to get rid of some toys to get that accomplished, oh well, we'll make some other children happy!

On the knitting front, I have completed my Ahoy socks and the first of the Coolers. I worked some on the baby blanket last night, I really need to get moving on that, I don't think it will be done before the baby is born, but soon after. I also got in some yarn I ordered from KnitPicks, their yarn is beautiful and very affordable. With this yarn I started my first color work pattern, the Estonian socks from Nancy Bush's book, Folk Socks. Here is my start...And here is the finished picture from the book...

I also received some really pretty sock yarn in pinks and purples, it is destined to become a pair of socks for Elisabeth for her birthday, you can see the planned socks here. They are from the Sock Journal by Catherine Wingate. The turquoise yarn will be a light scarf. I want to get started on the August/September sock for the 6-Sox Knit-Along, I joined the Yahoo group last month but never did the June/July pattern (which I will make in the near future). Both patterns need solid colored yarn, which I don't have enough undedicated solid colors, so I need to get more yarn for these socks...I see another order from KnitPicks as soon as I sell back my SFCC books:)

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Catherine said...

Hi Sharon,
I totally love Nancy Bush's Estonian socks but haven't yet tackled them and am inspired by how handsome yours look. And I do have about 13 colorsworth of alpaca leftover skeins. Hmmm! I hope you enjoy knitting the Sweet Valentine sock as that was fun to play with.

Catherine Wingate