25 August 2005

First day of classes

Well, the first day of classes went well yesterday. I had my Writing in French and Latin I classes. It was wonderful to be immersed in French again. The class will be a lot of work, but it will be a fun challange. Latin should be an easy class to relearn everything I learned in highschool Latin.

Today I have Structure of French, I think it will be an interesting course. I also have Man's Food, this is basically a course on nutrition. It is an online class, I only have to go oncampus for it for the exams.

The kids were great for the sitter yesterday, hopefully that will last, at least for a little while.

Well I need to go and get ready for our day.

I will post more pics soon.

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Monica's Moments/Mission and more... said...

keep up the good work we remain happy and proud for you