29 August 2005

So Frustrated!!

So I got a call last night from our new babysitter. She left a message to call her because she needed to talk to me. I had a bad feeling when I got the message. I called her back this morning, she put in her notice to quit!!!! AHHHHH! She told me she is not able to handle the demands of school, babysitting and being a single mom away from home for the first time. She said she will work for us until we can find another sitter. But it was so hard to find her in the first place. I'm hoping that now that all the students are back in town it might be easier. What a way to start the week. I go from the great news with my classes to this. I suppose it could be worse, I suppose she could just not show up again.

Meanwhile, I am thankful that Katrina did not pay us a visit. My prayers are continually with those who are being affected by this monster of a storm. And we are watching the Atlantic as TD 13 forms.

The week could only get better right?

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Monica's Moments/Mission and more... said...

so sorry to hear about this. I will be praying a soluntion is found ASAP!!!!!!! Was it more than just the hours, Do you think it was something else?? ANyway I apprecaite her staying til you find someone.