18 August 2005

Morning Musings

Well, school started here in Alachua County this past Monday. Elisabeth started her new curriculum, she started the new school year on July 1st, but we never really stopped because we are schooling somewhat year-round.

It is so nice to go to the stores in the morning now, they are so quiet. That is unless you are close to the UF campus. Its move-in week for all the students.

I went and got my student ID yesterday, driving was crazy on campus! I am ready to start my classes on Wednesday! This longer break is driving me crazy. At least I am able to get some stuff done and work on the kids routine.

I have been knitting in the evenings and during the kids nap a little. I've worked on the baby blanket and Elisabeth's birthday socks. I got in all the yarn I ordered from Knit Picks, georgous stuff!

I had wanted to share some more pictures of our Orlando trip, July 4th. So here are a couple more of the kids.

Eating sno-cones at the zoo.

Taking the little train ride around the zoo.

Watching the animals.

Feeding the goats.

And I couldn't resist, a llama. And a kookaburro.

Here is the progress on the baby blanket.

And the progress on Elisabeth's sock. This is tht 1st one. You can't see very well, but there is a row of beads on either side of the heart detail, on each side of the sock.

That's it for now...Gotta go wake the kids.

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