14 July 2007

I am weak...a knitting post

I succumbed...I was unable to resist temptation...For so long I looked the other way...then I was left home with a baby and the internet and a credit card and this happened...

That, my friends, is my first shipment of the sock of the month club from here. Not that I really needed any new sock yarn, but all my sock yarn is Knit Picks, now don't get me wrong, I love their yarn, but a knitter reads about all these other yarns, and well, you just gotta try them out some time. What better way than by receiving a new pattern with different yarn every other month? So this is Betsy...see, not only could I not resist the temptation to buy, but I had to cast-on right away, never mind the ten other projects I have on the needles.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I got an e-mail from Knit Picks, and wouldn't you know...they're having a book sale. Well I've been wanting to get more Elizabeth Zimmerman books, so Knitting Workshop, and maybe some yarn (in ballerina, wisteria and aloe, I already have natural) to make the Baby Surprise Jacket and a stripy hat from Itty Bitty Hats (which I already own) to match, found their way into my stash, they should be here next week. I did good though, I could have walked away with lots more...

So now, I have on my needles...
1. The Mable dress for Margaret, this is actually at the seaming stage, almost done
2. "Labor" socks, these are the bed socks that were intended for wearing during Margaret's birth, one done, small start on second
3. Betsy socks, foot left on both socks
4. Palette Fair Isle, lots left
5. EZ February baby sweater, about 1/3 done
6. Estonian socks, one sock is half done
7. a sweater for Elisabeth from this book, lots left
8. a Mason Dixon bib
I frogged the other baby sock I was working on...it's too small for my little chunkster! I will start it again soon on bigger needles.

I think that's it! Most of these are fairly small projects and could be knocked out in the next few weeks. I'm not going to start anything new until most of these are done. Wish me luck on that resolution :)

Oh my, I just clicked over to Knit Picks to check the status of my most recent order...and they have their new fall yarn line up...temptation...new colors...new yarns...

The kids were up to some silliness this weekend...they covered themselves in colored foam peanuts and did some silly shows for us...they did get along well for some of the weekend too...

And toes...look how chunky they are!


mames said...

good to see you are knitting a heck of a lot more than i am. love the toes and the picture with papa. so sweet.

msrib said...

i love the one of Mitchie holding here.. it's so adorable! Margaret of course ;)

socks scare me a little bit.. well, knitting them on itty bitty needles does!