29 July 2007

must . finish . writing

Tomorrow is a designated writing day. I must finish my 4-page paper and turn it in to complete the work required for my BA. I will finish tomorrow.

So, if you catch me surfing onto any blogs, on-line stores, or checking my e-mail a hundred times, remind me that I must finish writing.

If you see me looking longingly at my corner of knitting projects, or pulling out a pattern book or magazine to peruse, or even picking up my needles, remind my why I must wait.

If you see me picking up a book that is not French, not written by Rousseau or Sarraute, and not Les Confessions or Enfance (a dictionary or grammar book is allowed), warn my that my degree is waiting.

I cannot put this off any longer...my materials for the class I will be teaching in August are waiting on my bookshelf for me to start planning...I've got itchy fingers.

It is only 4 pages, the introduction is done, it will not be that hard.

(I just needed to give myself that peptalk. I've got finished objects to post, on Tuesday, after I finish my paper.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is your mother wondering if you have left the emails, the knitting, and all the projects and you have written and completed your paper??????????????
luv maman