06 July 2007

Holidays and Summer Camp

So Margaret is three months old now (as of Monday). She has finally outgrown her newborn clothes...she has fat rolls on her arms, legs and neck...she is sleeping for about 5 hours at night!She celebrated her first 4 of July...nothing really fancy...we were going to have people over, but everyone canceled at the last minute...so we grilled our hotdogs and hamburgers ourselves, lit off our own fireworks and ate our homemade ice cream. The kids had a good time and stayed up really late.

Elisabeth has been having a great time at summer camp. She goes horseback riding every Monday and Thursday, does arts & crafts, swims every day, does a ropes course, hangs out with her best friend, Savannah, and has made some new friends.

enjoying dinner with Grandma I-I (Aida)

Joseph is doing great at his camp. This was the perfect transition to Kindergarten. He is outside most of the day in free play or organized sports and games, he plays with the boys his age (I think he has a couple of friends that are girls too), they go on field trips, they swim twice a week and he comes home singing all the camp songs.

with Aida's sister Melba 7/1

I am almost done with my undergrad course work. I only have to write one paper, 4 pages, and turn it in. I got the offer from my department for my graduate studies. I will be teaching one beginning level French class, 5 days a week plus 3 (I think) office hours, UF will pay me a stipend to teach, plus they will pay for me to take 9 credit hours a semester. My program is 2 years, 2 1/2 years for thesis option (I plan to write a thesis) and I will be eligible to teach every semester, I should be able to take on teaching another class in the future (like spring semester). It will be busy, it will be intense, but this is what I have been working so hard to achieve, I am so excited about starting.

Pictures of knitting soon...even some finished objects :) And more pictures to come of a certain little girl in cute dresses.

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