21 July 2007

Just some random pictures from this week

More extensive post later, including some finished knitted objects.

Margaret is now 15 weeks old, and she's started rolling over from her tummy, then gets mad she's stuck on her back. She's found her thumb and we've discovered she loves books, and prefers them to her other toys.

I need to take more pictures of the other kids!


tongue in cheek said...

Hello Beautiful Baby!

mames said...

what a love, i really like the thumb picture. owen just rolled over for the second time today (from tummy to back) and he was so surprised. it is the weight of his head that is the defining factor. mason is a little different, we have been calling him 'noodle neck' since day 1, but he makes up for it with talking. i love the book, i will have to go out and find some big bright ones, start them off right. she is looking so good. smiles

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Sharon,
I am so happy to meet you!
What an adorable baby!
Oh! They grow up too fast :o)

Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog so I could come over to meet you :o)

I see you know Corey!

Do you know anything about French Programs for little 2nd grade homeschoolers?

Have you heard of Le Francais Facile! ?

My Katie would like to learn French!
I would like to learn it too, cause I just loved Paris and I want to go back some day!

Sharon said...


I'll have to think about some French programs for you...there's not a whole lot for young kids available in the US. I hope to publish some one day...but that doesn't help you now. I'm not familiar with Le Francais Facile, but I'll look into it and let you know what I think.

Donna Boucher said...

Merci :o)